Example using matches alerts people to the importance of quarantine in the fight against coronavirus

Example using matches alerts people to the importance of quarantine in the fight against coronavirus

The world, once again, is facing a pandemic . The new coronavirus was first noticed in China and soon spread around the world. Cases of infected people can already be noticed on all continents, as the virus has reached a global scale. Wuhan , in the Asian country, was the starting point of the disease. Governments around the world have tried to fight the evil in China, but the virus is highly contagious. Today, several countries are already contaminated and some are in a very critical state. Here in Brazil, for example, the situation is somewhat controlled, since there are not as many cases as other countries.

Meanwhile, Italy is experiencing what we might call the biggest nightmare in many years. The number of deaths in the European country already exceeds 3,400. Also on the same continent, Spain is also going through difficult times, having already registered more than 1,000 deaths. There are several countries entering into alarming situations, and in view of this, the World Health Organization decided to make an appeal. To deal with the new coronavirus, a quarantine was requested in countries affected with the virus. This is the most obvious way out at the moment. Thus, several campaigns began to be carried out and one of them involves matchsticks. Check out:

Campaign using matchsticks to fight the coronavirus

To contain the coronavirus pandemic, experts are calling for social isolation. Countries like Italy, which has registered more than 28 thousand people, have already started to follow this measure. In Brazil, where numbers are still growing, the movement of people has not yet been restricted by the authorities. However, Brazilians have already been asked to socially isolate themselves, and schools have already dismissed students for this. To explain why isolation is extremely important, people started sharing a video with matches exemplifying.

Matches help explain

Through Instagram, a user shared an image. In it, several matches appear in a row. The first ones are burned. In the middle of this row, there is a toothpick set apart from the others. This shows that his attitude meant that the fire did not continue to pass on to others. “One person can make a huge difference. Come back. Stay at home. Delay the propagation”, said the user, in her caption. It’s a very complex situation, but the coronavirus situation is similar to an example.

One infected person infects another, who soon infects another, and so on. Therefore, if a person just leaves this transmission queue, he will protect himself and other people nearby. “Leaving” the queue, put into practice, represents quarantine, social isolation. This was one of the best ways to show the dangers of the disease.

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