Future of retail store marketing

Future of retail store marketing

Future of retail store marketing

The age of digital technology is here. Every business around the globe is upgrading their outdated technology to digital technology. One such example of digital technology is digital signage technology that is very helpful in retail store marketing. With the rise of online shopping, retailers need to find a way to draw customers to their store. Many retail outlets have been shut down in the past two years due to flat profits. Retail store marketing has come a long way and there is more to go smart film glass. Over the years many different forms of marketing have been used in retail store. Earlier retailers use to advertise via magazines, newspapers, billboards or pamphlets. 

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They are not old ways of doing marketing, but digital signage and digital kiosks are more effective way of promoting a product Chiefway Thailand. Retail stores are using digital signage and digital kiosks to attract more customers. According to studies, over 40% scales have been increased with the help of digital kiosks. Its important for retail stores to adapt to modern technology. As competition is increasing every day, retailers want more customers in their store. The point is not only to have a customer but to also make sales. There is a significant growth in touch screen in residential, retail and corporate sector. 

Touch screen solutions have made routine tasks as well as professional task simpler for people. Every household will have at least one smart phone at home. Touch screen technology is very convenient to use. Retailers have set up touch screen digital kiosks. Customers can search for items, place order and pay for the product by using the touch screen digital kiosks. Since, everyone uses a smart phone that comes with touch screen solution, it is not difficult for customers to use the technology. This has reduced workforce cost for retailers, as digital kiosks can do the tasks more effectively. This way, there is no need of additional workers. 

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Workers can perform high profile tasks. Other way of promoting the product is via digital signage. The digital way of displaying videos or images of the product on LCD or LED screens is called digital signage. They are becoming more common these days. When customer walks in a store, he might not know what to buy. These digital signages can influence them to buy for new products or inform them about new schemes. The images and videos displayed on digital signage is intriguing and grabs their attention. The content of digital signage should be creative and influential. Detailed information about the product can increase the chances of sale. The best location for this digital signage is near point of sale or on entrance. With new tech players in the market, digital signage is becoming more affordable. Small businesses can be benefitted with digital technology. Researches have shown that very few people know what they want to buy in a store, they are stimulated by promotions to buy the product. 

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